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6 Ways to Lift Your Mood in Minutes

When you’re in a bad mood, what’s the one thing that snaps you out of it no matter what? What makes you feel amazing on a not-so-great day? Read More

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Finding Fun and Balance on July 4th

This year, amid the flurry of 4th of July engagements, take some time for yourself. It may seem impossible to carve out time on your own on one of the biggest American family holidays of the year, but we’ve got you covered on how to declare your independence this 4th of July. Read More

JulieV Balanced Living

Live Close to the Source

Julie with white flowersIf you can grow it. If you can't grow it...find it in its purest form. Or as author Michael Pollan says, "don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize."

Want more energy? Want to feel good and proud of your choices and the way you look, feel and live? 
Who doesn't?

I'm here to offer you with nutritional knowledge, video recipes, and inspiration on how you can live with vitality and radiance right now.

Each week I'll post articles, guest interviews, recipes, and more for you to do just that!

Balanced Living for YOU...NOW and for many years to come!
xo --Julie